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Issara Extrait De Parfum 65 ML – Middle East Perfumes

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Introducing the luxurious Issara Extrait De Parfum, a masterpiece by Middle East Perfumes that encapsulates the essence of sophistication and refinement. This captivating fragrance, presented in a generous 65 ML bottle, is a testament to the artistry of perfumery. With an enchanting composition of notes, Issara Extrait De Parfum is a scent that will leave a lasting impression.

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Issara Extrait De Parfum by Middle East Perfumes is an olfactory masterpiece that transcends time and trends. Whether worn for special occasions or as a signature scent, it is a fragrance that exudes confidence, refinement, and sophistication. Elevate your fragrance collection with Issara Extrait Middle East Perfumes, a true gem in the world of perfumery.

Top Notes: Cardamom, Bergamot, Freesia, Pepper

At first spray, your senses are awakened by a vibrant burst of freshness. The top notes of Cardamom and Bergamot offer a zesty and invigorating introduction, setting the stage for a fragrance journey that is both intriguing and uplifting. Freesia adds a touch of floral elegance, while Pepper brings a subtle hint of spice, creating a harmonious symphony of scents.

Middle Notes: Elemi, Geranium, Lavender

As the perfume evolves, the heart of Issara Extrait De Parfum reveals its depth and complexity. Elemi, a resinous note, adds a mystical quality to the fragrance. Geranium contributes a floral richness, while Lavender introduces a soothing, herbaceous element. Together, these middle notes create a captivating and balanced aromatic experience.

Base Notes: Amber, Musks, Patchouli, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Leather

The foundation of this exquisite fragrance lies in its base notes. A blend of Amber and Musks provides a warm, sensual embrace, while Patchouli and Vetiver infuse a woody, earthy depth. Oakmoss adds a touch of green, mossy sophistication, and Leather delivers a hint of timeless elegance. Together, these base notes ensure that Issara Extrait De Parfum lingers on the skin, leaving an indelible mark that is both memorable and irresistible.


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