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24 The Fragrance

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24 The Fragrance

24 The Fragrance by ScentStory Cologne was developed by ScentStory and licensed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. This cologne was inspired by Jack Bauer from the award-winning TV show, “24”. The man this fragrance represents is strong and robust, tough yet sensitive, with incredible self-assurance – just like Jack Bauer.

The fragrance 24 opens with a distinctive and vibrant scent, created by the blend of coriander, mandarin orange and bergamot. A flash of lemon completes the thrill of intense freshness. The heart of the fragrance expresses self assurance and masculinity, captured by savvy blends of cedar wood, quickly underpinned by a spicy oriental core.

24 The Fragrance is an unforgettable scent with notes of vanilla and ambergris that lingers long after it’s been applied. The addition of Agarwood provides depth and longevity to the fragrance, making it perfect for special occasions.

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